About Us

Hi, I am Marizka du Toit. I love delicious food and have an eye for aesthetics.

My partner, Jurie Senekal, is a professional photographer and together we document the food we feast on and the places we go.

As much as we love tantalizing food; health and sustainability are important to us and we try to take this into consideration as often as we can. While we try to mostly use organic and fresh local produce, given the fast-pace of life nowadays, one sometimes has to rely on convenience and efficiency, making due with what’s easily available.

We are adventurous about most cuisines, but often lean towards Asian recipes. That is why the name “Chopstix and Charcoal” suits us so well. As most South Africans, we will always try and prepare any food outside on the braai.

We enjoy travelling and see it as the “classroom for the soul”, always eating and experiencing something new as we explore different locations. Travelling isn’t always possible though, so we enjoy exploring the Mother City’s own backyard just as much, finding new spots to have a picnic lunch at or simply enjoying a self-made sandwich. Cooking and enjoying food does not have to be confined to the kitchen and one’s home.

I studied interior design and drafting but over the last couple of years I have become passionate about food, and probably more food styling as such. I have assisted on different food photography shoots and also styled a cookbook. While I have little training in the field of food, this is a culinary adventure for me as I love working with the look and feel of delectable food.

Jurie has been a freelance photographer for years and does a variety of photography from events, products, fashion and, of course, food.

One last confession…. baking is definitely not my forte, so there will not be a lot of baked goods on this blog and if there is, it’s going to be foolproof.

Instagram: @marizkadutoit
Instagram: @juriesenekal