Rustic Stout Steak Pie and Veggies


This is old school winter food and you should make this for those you love. The pastry is a recipe from Jamie Oliver and please watch it on FoodTube to see how easy it is. I halved the recipe for 2 people and it was more than enough, we even had leftovers the next day. I used a Lady of the Night Vanilla Porter from my local brewery down the street, Woodstock Brewery , but feel free to use any stout. Make it with your favorite side dish. I served it with my easy Brusselsprout and a Sweet Potatoes side and will add the recipes to my blog too.



Pie filling:

500g skirt steak diced in bitesize chunks
250g portebellini mushrooms sliced
1,5 chopped red onion
2 medium carrots diced
1 garlic clove
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 tbsp heaped all purpose flour
250ml stout
125ml water
salt and black pepper

Shortcrust Pastry:

300g all purpose flour
pinch of salt
75 g butter cold out of the fridge
75g sharp cheddar
125ml ice cold water



Add a little oil to a pan and start sautéing the chopped onions and carrots. Add rosemary and garlic and sauté until the onions are translucent. Then add the sliced mushroom and let this cook until most of the water in the mushrooms have evaporated. Then take the mushroom, onion, carrot mixture out of the pan and set it aside while you brown the skirt steak.
Add a little bit more oil to the pan if needed and add steak to the pan. Season well with salt and pepper. Let the steak brown on all sides.
Now, deglaze the pan with 1 cup of stout and let the liquid reduce a bit. Add flour and give it a quick stir to avoid any lumps. Add the tomato puree and stir.
Add the mushroom, carrots and onions back into the pan. Stir well. At this point you could add some water. Cover the pan with the lid and turn the heat on low, let simmer for at least an hour. Check every few minutes and give it a stir.

While the steak filling is simmering away you can make the shortcrust pastry.
Add the flour, salt, cheddar and butter to a mixing bowl and start to rub the butter and cheddar into the flour. Take care not to over work the mixture and as soon as everything is incorporated , add the ice cold water. Do not kneed it, rather press it until it forms a ball. Wrap it in clingfilm and let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

When the filling is ready take it off the heat and let it cool down. Flour your surface and roll the pastry out to half a centimeter thickness, divide it in 2 so you can have a top and bottom part for your pie. Line the inside of your pie dish with half the pastry and scoop in the steak filling. Neaten the edges of the pastry and brush the edges with egg wash. Place the top half of the pastry ontop, neaten the edges. Use a fork to pinch the edges and make a cut in the middle of the pie for the steam to escape. Brush with egg wash and place into a 180 degree oven for 40-50 minutes.

Serve with sides and and don’t forget a glass of stout!!


Cauliflower Pizza

Yes, I know cauliflower pizza bases is an old fad but can you believe that I haven’t tried it until now? I am a bit peculiar in the way that I rarely follow fads or fashions and have resisted this one for way too long. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to make this cauliflower pizza base and that I would regularly make this now.


The recipe is from Anna Jones author of A Modern Way to Eat and A Modern Way to Cook. I fell in love with her style of cooking and I think her recipes are easily adjustable for non vegetarians. I followed her recipe but added a clove of garlic in the Cauliflower Pizza base and added some fried Spicy Argentinian sausage that I bought at Honingklip Brewery. Besides the impressive beer Honingklip brews they also have a cosy family style restaurant and they sell an array of sausages. These sausages are 100% natural, are made without any soya, grains, flour, gluten or MSG. It also does not contain colourants or preservatives.  I am planning a road trip in their direction and am dreaming of a stocked up freezer with all sorts of sausages to use in pastas and stews.


Cauliflower Pizza Base

medium size cauliflower
100g whole almonds
100g rolled oats
1 small clove garlic
good pinch of origanum
2 eggs
salt and pepper

Tomato sauce

1/2 a can chopped tomato
hand full of fresh basil


2 spicy Argentinian sausage
mozzerella cheese
kale chopped
1 bulb of fennel shaved
1/2 cup fresh basil
pecorino cheese shaved
2 spring onions chopped


Note: A blender is key for this recipe

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius. Blend the almonds and oats very finely, add the origanum, garlic, salt and pepper. Next add the cauliflower florets and make sure everything is incorporated, use a spoon to mix things if you need to. Lastly add the eggs and give it a good last mix.
Put the mixture on a baking tray thats been lined with baking paper and flatten the dough with your hands into a pizza shape. No more than 1cm thick. Put the baking tray into the  oven for 20-30 min until crispy and golden.
While the pizza base is in the oven, squeeze the Argentinian sausage out of its casing and fry it in a pan until done. There is also time to quickly whizz up the 1/2 a can chopped tomato and basil for the tomato sauce.
Also get your toppings ready; washed, chopped and grated.
Take the base out of the oven, top with tomato sauce then mozzarella. Add the sausage, kale,fennel and spring onion and put it back into the oven. When the fennel and kale start to char take it out and top the pizza with fresh basil and shavings of pecorino.